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We are a small law town law firm that will give you big city results. DTT is a litigation law firm which means we go to court to fight for our clients. We handle cases including, Criminal Law, Domestic Law(Divorce and Custody), personal injury law, and all other types of litigation. We also can help with complex legal matters including wills, estates, estate planning, and most every other type of legal issues. We have been in the business of helping our clients since 1935 and have continue to fight for each of our clients. At DTT you will get to talk to your attorney and be treated like a person not a number. If you have a legal issue give Donoho, Taylor & Taylor a call.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers for Middle Tennessee

Donoho, Taylor & Taylor is a small town law firm that will give you big city results. Donoho, Taylor & Taylor is located in Hartsville, Tennessee and serves Trousdale, Macon, Sumner, Wilson, Smith, Jackson and Clay Counties. We are a general law practice that handles all types of cases including personal injury law, criminal law, Domestic Law, Estate Planning, Divorce, Custody, Wrecks and several other types of legal matters. 

Along with a dedicated and knowledgeable support staff, Donoho, Taylor & Taylor brings you a combined 100+ years of legal experience.  We are committed to fair and workable solutions out of court when possible, but are willing and able to provide vigorous representation of our client’s interests when necessary. 

If you need an attorney, let the knowledge and experience of Donoho, Taylor & Taylor work for you.

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